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Travel Guide

Ayayorgi Manastırı - BüyükadaVisiting Büyükada by renting a bike is a bit tiring because of the ramps but very enjoyable.

There are a large number of bicycle renters in Büyükada. Bicycles can also be hired daily, such as hourly. (If you want to visit Büyükada in a great pleasure we recommend that you rent it daily.)

At time square, turn right and start your tour in Büyükada. First take Çankaya Street and then Nizam Street go forward, so you can see the old mansions of Büyükada, the Islands District Governor House and you can see the historical and religious structures. (If you ride your bicycle we recommend you to be careful because of the phaetons using this road.)

Lev Trocki Evi - BüyükadaLittle further away from the main street, you can enter the back streets to take pictures, you can see many beautiful and historical buildings.

At the end of approximately 2.5 miles there will be Dilburnu . Dilburnu, intimately with nature is the perfect place for those who want to have a picnic. Riding or walking 3 miles you will be at the middle of Büyükada and it is also the stop of the phaetons, this place is known as ‘Funfair’ In Fun fair casino you can dine, relax or go on the way and see the Monastery of St. Yorgi Because of the steep hill to the Monastery of St.Yorgi we recommend you to leave your bike locking in the Funfair.

After climbing cobblestone slope of approximately 1mile, you will arrive the Büyükada’s the highest hill and at the Monastery of St. Yorgi. Monastery of St. Yorgi is located right next to the Yücetepe Rural Casino. You can eat delicious foods there and also taste the unique wine. In unique landscape you can take a lot of pictures.

Rum Yetimhanesi - BüyükadaAfter the Funfair, if you wish to explore other settlements take "Small tour" way or the Path of the monastery. If you also wish to explore the non-residential places you should continue to ‘Grand tour’ way. The distance between the Grand Tour and Small Tour route is approximately 6km.) If you would prefer to go the way of the monastery you can reach Old Greek Orphanage, it is known as ‘One of the world's largest wooden buildings’ If you continue, you can arrive the most dense residential area of Büyükada in summer and winter ‘Tepeköy’ then you can go down to the pier again. If you choose to go the way of ‘Small tour,’by using the Yılmaz Türk Street, you can reach Büyükada Public Beach ,The house of Reşat Nuri GÜNTEKİN, historical buildings and mansions, and finally reach Pier Square.

Finally, if you prefer the path of the Grand Tour; you can see Büyükada’s natural areas and can enjoy the view and fresh air.(The grand tour way is connected to Small Tour wayin approximately 6km)In your stops over the road please have a rest at Eskibağ Beach and Halik Bay. We hope you enjoy your trip through Büyükada.

For your questions about Büyükada please contact us.