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I stayed in this hotel for 4 days in 2013. They were very friendly and helpful! The hotel was very clean, and everything was perfect! I just wanted to say thank you to you guys! Hope to visit you again!Peggy (Dallas/Texas)18 Nisan 2013

Before we went to ?Ada? we had a reservation to another hotel. When we arrived there we saw our room was booked. Searching for anywhere else we found here. We realized the room that called Deluxe is nothing, the rooms here are ten times better than the other hotel for being clean and with wonderful decoration. This wonderful room they call ?Standard ? but we think it is more. We stayed there 3 days in a great comfort and pleasure .The customers are decent, the staff is respectful , sincere and very clean. They gave us a discount and the refreshments are perfect. When we go to ?Ada? once more this hotel is our unique hotel to stay. Thanks "ESKİBAĞ".Musician (Istanbul / Turkey)15 Haziran 2012

This is a new hotel and all the materials they used look qualified .The furniture are new and this makes us pleased. They are very sincere people and always tries to make you happy.İbrahim (Istanbul / Turkey)17 Nisan 2012

The room was really nice. The bathroom was amazing. We had one of the more spacious rooms. We traveled with a toddler, and the hotel supplied a really nice crib. It was nice to be there in the evening when everyone goes back to Istanbul.Matthew (Chicago / ABD)12 Nisan 2012

Room was very clean and nice even tough the balcony was really small and did not even have a chair where to sit.Patricia (Barcelona / İspanya)27 Mart 2012

We left this nice hotel in a great happiness .The hotel is very close to the pier so we can reach the hotel easily without a phaeton. They meet us with smiling faces. The rooms are so clean that the towels smell great .We open our eyes with a wonderful patty smell in the morning after a delicious breakfast we try to decide when to come again here. Thanks.Noname (Turkey)12 Mart 2012

We purchased a campaign to stay at a hotel from a web site that makes campaigns about different areas and products. When we saw the hotel decided to leave there and went to a café to think and the waiter gave us some advices about the hotels here and showed the way of Eskibağ Boutique Hotel. Because of the winter season we paid 140 tl for one day. Our room is at the top floor with a panoramic landscape. The landscape was really unbelievable .The room and the decoration was very well .The fireplace was nice in the dining room .The wooden material used in the inner décor of the room and generally the hotel was impressive .The staff was very kind and friendly. At last I want to express that the location is perfect .You can easily reach wherever you want.( You can easily go to pier or the phaeton?s stop )We easily forgot the first hotel?s bad memories with the help of your hotel .We hope to come back to your hotel soon we won?t forget the landscape ,your hotel and Büyükada.Noname (Istanbul / Turkey)06 Şubat 2012

The hotel was quite new and clean. Your team is respectful and friendly. We like your quality of service. It is a good choice if you like boutique hotels?Serhat (Istanbul / Turkey)11 Ocak 2012

We felt ourselves as in our homes with the color of the hotel ,environment and your nice staff. We stayed there 2 days in a great comfort. It was a peaceful experience.Noname (Istanbul / Turkey)05 Ocak 2012