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Büyükada Halik Bay Beach

At your room’s private terrace overlooking the sea you can feel the island’s unique natural beauty and relax in the silence.

At Eskibağ beach you can enjoy the sun and sea during the day. In the evening you can enjoy the fish restaurant along with our unique appetizers and salads.

Halik Bay Beach

Halik Bay Beach: It is the Büyükada’s longest beach, the beach is 800 meters with a capacity of 400 people. Our beach has a picnic area, a rural casino, and there is an area for camping.

Büyükada Eskibağ Beach

Our beach has a capacity of 150 people. You can enjoy the sun and sea at daytime, in the evening you can enjoy our chief’s unique appetizers, fish and salad listening to live music. We offer you Exquisite scenery, delicious meals and snacks, live music. In addition, for guests come by boat the vault and service are also available. This facility, engagement, wedding, service is also offered for special occasions like birthdays. For any organization you can contact us.

Contact Info

Phone Number : +90 (216) 382 38 20

Ferry Timetable to the Beach

to the beach 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00

from the beach 16:30 17:30 18:30